The Basics Of Investing In Stocks

Studying about investing, how to gain in trading, what kind of stock is good to buy, some tricks for new traders. You can learn more about those with Clique Aqui. In addition, you also need to know the basics when starting an investment in buying and selling shares.

1. Understand the Basic Theory of Stocks
Stock is an investment vehicle or business facility, behind a stock there is a company. It takes time for a company to record growth, as well as its stock price.

2. How to get profits from stocks
There are several ways to make a profit from stocks:
• Capital Gain
Capital gain is the profit you get from the difference between the price of buying and selling shares.

• Dividends
Dividends are the distribution of profits from companies that are given to shareholders. Companies that provide dividends are usually companies that are mature enough. Companies that want to develop quickly often do not provide dividends.

• Short Selling
Short selling is to first sell a stock that you don’t already have, then buy back the stock at a cheaper price later. You will benefit from the difference between the selling and buying price of shares, much like capital gains.

3. Don’t Believe Directly About Rumors And Circulating Recommendations
There are many rumors circulating in the current information era. If you join stock groups in the telegram application, you will often see rumors and stock recommendations every day.

Don’t be immediately consumed by rumors and recommendations, because there could be vested interests in the rumors or recommendations. If you want to get news and recommendations.

4. Treat Recommendations As Tools, Not Buy / Sell Orders
After you get a trusted source of recommendations, you can see and pay attention to the recommendations given to you. Learn why the recommendation was given by the analyst. After a while, you should be able to judge for yourself which stocks you can buy, and what the risks are.

Don’t just follow the recommendations constantly. Even though the shares purchased are the same, with different plans and psychology, they will produce different results.

5. Discipline
Before you take action to buy shares, you should make plans related to the purchase of these shares. For example, you only want to trade short-term, determine the entry point that is not far from the support, and if the cut loss point is reached, it must be cut off immediately.

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