5 Fast Ways To Build Body Muscle That Is Often Missed

Make some people build muscle not only to build self-confidence but also for long-term health. It takes a long time to build muscle. Muscle building supplements will usually help with muscle formation besides regular exercise. Here are some things you can do to accelerate the formation of body muscles.

1. Increase consumption of protein-rich foods

To meet your optimal protein needs, you need to consume 0.25 to 0.3 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. The portion is for one meal. To make ends meet, you can eat protein-rich foods, such as three to four eggs, a bowl of yoghurt, and a spoonful of protein powder.

2. Focus your training on the eccentric phase

To increase the eccentric phase of your training, you can slow down the eccentric phase of each of your exercises. Can also apply it in daily routines. Physiologically, muscles are stronger when moving in the eccentric phase than concentric.

3. Consume more calories

If you have a calorie deficit, your body will be reluctant to build new muscles. For that, multiply your calorie consumption of 250 to 500 calories per day. People who consume high calories, which are rich in protein, will store about 45% of their calories in muscle. Meanwhile, for people who are on a protein diet, but with the same amount of calories, will store 95% of the calories as fat.

4. Eat snacks that are rich in casein protein before going to bed

Consuming casein protein or known as milk protein will be absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. Therefore, your muscles will get enough amino acids for 7.5 hours. That time is enough to build muscle throughout the night during sleep. You can get casein protein from cheese, yoghurt and milk. You can also get it from protein powder.

5. Rest and sleep more

During sleep, your body secretes hormones to develop muscles and control stress hormones or cortisol. Sleeping for 5 hours per night for a week will reduce testosterone levels, which build muscle by 10-15%. These results are compared with someone who sleeps for eight hours per night a week.

Those are some ways to build muscle quickly according to the opinion of experts. To be able to get maximum results, it takes a strong commitment. Also, do not skip sports often, you might later get used to being lazy.

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