Use Email Verification Service To Reduce Bounce

The bounce-back level in an email indicates the overall condition of your database list. A high bounce rate indicates that your email list contains several invalid addresses. These addresses will never receive your email. More importantly, the high number of bounce back emails will affect the sender’s reputation, and make the email service provider limit your ability to send messages. So, it can be said that bounce back emails are messages in an email campaign that cannot be sent. The bounce rate is calculated by dividing the number of emails that bounce back against the number of emails that were sent successfully. The results are expressed as a percentage. Bounce is not a good thing for your contact list, because of the negative impact on the deliverability and success of your email campaign. That is why you need to use email verification service to reduce this type of risk.

You could also monitor your email bounce rate more closely. If multiple email addresses continue to bounce, then maybe it’s time to take the next steps. First, remove. This will remove the contact from your list, but can still be re-entered. Second, you could use do not mail list. This will ensure that the contact can never be re-entered and maybe you want to use this option according to the bounce email category. For example, if the email address does not exist, then you might consider using the “Do Not Mail List” option. However, if the email address comes from a blocked server, just delete it. That way, someone can join again in the future. Always use Double Opt-in. This is the most important step, by using double opt-in, typo email addresses, fake or bogus emails will not be input to your list. because they have to verify in advance by clicking on the link in the confirmation or activation email. Then they can be input to the list, so your list is clean besides, the bounce rate is also definitely low.

The health of your contact list is very important because it determines how well your email campaign works. So monitor your email bounce rate, search for reflected email addresses, and keep your contact list healthy.

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