These Small Kitchen Design ideas Can Make Your Kitchen Appliances Look Prettier

For those of you who don’t like to play it safe in designing the kitchen, but are afraid to face a lot of changes, the patterned design on the walls and other kitchens is right for you. The dominance of white on the walls and furniture has the same concept as most minimalist homes. However, in order to prevent it from looking dull, you can play with motifs on the floor area, and on one of the kitchen walls. Furthermore, if you want to add an elegant piece of cooking utensil in your kitchen, you may buy the best Viking Countertop Microwaves.

Besides design motifs, do you have one color that you really like? If you want to feel more comfortable in the kitchen, try to consistently mix one color in your home! As an example, a striking red element adorns the glass, knife, pan, until the handwashing bottle, and this color can looks contras with the colors of your kitchen floors and walls.

Then, the use of a closed cabinet only makes your tiny kitchen feel more cramped. To be more relieved, you can replace the cabinet with an open shelf. Not only does it make a roomy impression, but you can also find it easier to find kitchen equipment. Make sure you are diligent in arranging items on the shelf so that it still looks neat!

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