Crawl Space Designing Rules

Do you need crawl space repair service? Groundwater conditions in each region are of course different. If the groundwater level in the built land is high enough, there are several ways that can be done. The first step is to prepare the pump, then blocking the surrounding work area with plastic or tarpaulin. This is done to anticipate the disruption of puddles during the construction process (casting and reinforcement assembly). Next, make trenches around the crawl space construction area to drain the water around the site and then pump it outside the work area. With the condition of dry work, the area will facilitate the construction.

If in a normal building, the basic principle of water piping utility uses the gravity method, where water flows from a higher place to a lower place, but in the design of the planning crawl space the piping utility must be assisted by a mechanical device. For example, in the crawl space, a bathroom or toilet is built if it refers to the principle of gravity, then the wastewater must be channeled to a lower place, considering that the crawl space area has a low floor level so the wastewater must be pumped up so that it can be removed.

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