What Are UI And UX?

For those who are studying web or mobile application design, you must know what UI and UX are. It’s because many people often misunderstand and equate the two terms. In fact, some also think that UI and UX are actually one because they have the same task. In fact, UI and UX are different from one another, although the person who becomes ui ux designer can be the same one. You may read the rest of this article to know more about UI and UX.

User Interface (UI)

UI or User Interface is a communication mechanism between users and the system in a program, be it a website, mobile application, or software. The mechanism is tailored to the needs of users of the program being developed. The scope of the UI includes physical appearance, use of color, display animation, to the pattern of communication of a program with its users.

Usually, a UI designer will create a design that would make it easier for users of the program. Meanwhile, the design was adjusted to the level of the basic needs of users of the web or mobile application program.

User Experience (UX)

Understanding UX or User Experience is not too much different from the UI. The difference lies in the main focus of the communication relationship between the user and the program, which is focused on the user experience.

A UX designer will design a web or mobile application program based on the experience of the user or user after using the web or mobile application. That way, the program he designed became easier for users to use.

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